Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ladies love you...

I love this visual representation of the curvy woman. Ladies love you....

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

T Shirt Curls Tutorial: My No Heat Go To!

I enjoy the freedom of being completely natural and being able to try and achieve any hairstyle. I was given a tip by a friend on an awesome way to get perfect curls using no heat. A benefit is you can sleep any way you would like with them in. I was skeptical at first given that my hair is very thick but it works. This method can be accomplished by using tshirt scraps. Here is a step by step on how its done.

First, you will need a old tshirt and you can cut a portion off similar to this:

Next you will need to cut scraps from this portion of the tshirt in 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch section like this:

Your strips should be similar to one on the bottom. After you cut the strip you should pull the ends of the strips till they roll together like the strip on the top. I needed 15 strips.

Next you should comb through your hair where it will be manageable.

Then part the hair in half for more control and you are ready to begin rolling.

Section off your first piece and begin at the end by wrapping your end around the strip then just begin rolling your hair up to the root. Then tie the scrap one time through.

Complete the entire head and go to bed. (total duration about 30-45min) SN-I was texting and watching a movie. lol

Finished result. (front and back)

Hope that you liked the tutorial. Leave comments and email your awesome results to for a feature on my blog and instagram (@kreativekhels).