Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dreaming Vs. Doing

My jeans never fit. That is probably why I never wear them. Being 4'11" is very tough especially when you are a size 22. Despite it all, I think that I may be one of the prettiest "big girls" out there. Me having confidence has never been an issue; just accomplishing my goals have always been the problem. I mean like the really important ones, such as going back to school, pursuing better spiritual interests, & growing my design line to the next level. My ultimate dream is to become a plus size model. Being blessed with a pretty face & a good grade of hair has benefited me greatly in my 25 years of living, but I have come the realization that it will take much more than that to make my dream a reality. I have tried so many ways to loose weight using so many methods. None of them were effective with lasting results. Recently I took up running & I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, I have a serious problem with consistency, but I am about to make it a point to get back on track & to the track. Consistency is a very important quality to have when accomplishing the goals that I am trying to fulfill. This blog may be what it takes to get me back on track. I plan to kick start this year with a new objective. Each day I will ask myself, "Are you dreaming or doing?"

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