Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ladies love you...

I love this visual representation of the curvy woman. Ladies love you....

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

T Shirt Curls Tutorial: My No Heat Go To!

I enjoy the freedom of being completely natural and being able to try and achieve any hairstyle. I was given a tip by a friend on an awesome way to get perfect curls using no heat. A benefit is you can sleep any way you would like with them in. I was skeptical at first given that my hair is very thick but it works. This method can be accomplished by using tshirt scraps. Here is a step by step on how its done.

First, you will need a old tshirt and you can cut a portion off similar to this:

Next you will need to cut scraps from this portion of the tshirt in 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch section like this:

Your strips should be similar to one on the bottom. After you cut the strip you should pull the ends of the strips till they roll together like the strip on the top. I needed 15 strips.

Next you should comb through your hair where it will be manageable.

Then part the hair in half for more control and you are ready to begin rolling.

Section off your first piece and begin at the end by wrapping your end around the strip then just begin rolling your hair up to the root. Then tie the scrap one time through.

Complete the entire head and go to bed. (total duration about 30-45min) SN-I was texting and watching a movie. lol

Finished result. (front and back)

Hope that you liked the tutorial. Leave comments and email your awesome results to for a feature on my blog and instagram (@kreativekhels).

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Torrid Love Affair

I had my first experience going to shop in Torrid this past weekend and I must say that I am completely in love! I had a great experience. Awesome customer service, visually pleasing atmosphere and most important, the affordable quality merchandise. We stumbled upon it looking for comfy flats for Mama and found even more treasures. I had no plans of purchasing but I just couldn't help myself. I always purchase for the season ahead as well as shopping for things I can also wear at the moment. Just call me a multifunctional shopper. I found some adorable army green linen shorts and a set of headbands. I have so many plans for the shorts because linen never goes out of style. I hit the lotto because both items were on clearance and clearance was BOGO free this weekend! STEAL! I also got to use my 10% discount just for signing up to be a Torrid Insider. I am so excited because I will be receiving coupons to shop with and everyone knows that I love coupons. Follow the link below to the website. Happy shopping!

 Kreative Khels

Monday, January 26, 2015

What's on Replay?

So I got these lovely bangs this past Saturday and you might as well say that they gave my little ego a BIG stroke. I choose Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj ft Beyonce to be my What's on Replay for this week. Basically this will set the mood for my whole week. Every time I look in the mirror, I hear Nicki saying, "Pretty On Fleek." This made my Monday go so well. Try it. Find your replay song. Comment it below. I would love to hear your different tastes in music and favorite songs. Here is the song in case you wanna hear it.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Tantalizing Pieces from Ashley Stewart's Intimates Collection

 Ashley Stewart Intimates Collection

Don't these piece look absolutely yummy!?! Confidence is the new sexy and she is serving it on a silver platter! I just have to purchase myself a couple of pieces from Ashley Stewart. I have always loved their lingerie. I might have to do my own little preview shoot featuring some of these pieces. Shopping on a budget? That's ok. That's what I live for. Right now the website has 30% off your full price purchase. Also upon entering the website the offer you a signup for emails and text that gives you a 15% off coupon as well. Happy Shopping! Click on the picture for direct link to website.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Am My Hair

You are sitting there with your eyes closed & you can feel the once was cool leather warm up beneath you. Its been a stressful past 2 weeks or even 2 months. You survived a breakup, someone else getting the promotion you worked so hard for, and gaining 13 pounds. You open your eyes and you see a masterpiece. Your trusted stylist/barber has made you feel brand new. That is what a hairstyle/haircut can do for you.

I have always felt like a haircut just removes all the stress that you have been holding onto. It might sound a little silly, but think about it. No, really think about it. You are removing the excess dead hair/weight and lightening your everyday load. I like to think of it like a snake sheds his skin. Interesting, huh?

Coco Chanel said, 
"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."
This can apply for men too. Whether its a career change or getting over heartbreak, a haircut always seems to put a person back to their "center". I did hair professionally for a short time and found that I liked doing my own hair more than others; but I did enjoy making people feel better. A change in hairstyle boosts self confidence, personal image, and physical attraction. Test it out readers. If you have a significant other, try a new style/cut and see if he or she does not notice. It may not be immediate, but they will recognize something is different. For my single readers, take notice of comments at work or when you are out and about. I promise you a 110% success rating (unless your stylist or barber is not so talented & I will not take responsibility for that). That was really for laughs but seriously I won't be the blame. 

It all boils down to hair being an essential part of your personality. It tells what you are going through and what you have been through. Take high stress for example. This can cause shedding, balding, breakage, etc. None of those are good for you. When you are happy and living life like its "Golden" as Jill Scott put it, your body releases good stuff that makes your hair and skin do magic. Go look up endorphins. They play a big part in that process. 

This is not science class though so I will end with this. I love to change my hair. It is what keeps me sane. Every stressful time in my life usually is solved by hair color or a cut. It may not take away all the stress but I always feel a great deal better than before. My next color is mermaid green. I can't wait! But while you are waiting on that picture, here are some of my past haircuts and styles. I couldn't find my mullet, but you better believe I was serving LIFE with it! Hope you enjoyed and let me know how you feel about your hair.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I am a Mermaid...

Interesting realization...

If your thighs touch, you are one step closer to being a mermaid. Who wouldn't want to be an enchanted creature. I embrace being a plus size beauty. Comment or post your most enchanted pictures. (Please no nudity) Here are two of mine...

Monday, January 12, 2015

Peace Within

The tips of my fingers tingle.

This feeling crawls up my arms and reaches my shoulders.

The tension feels like an elephant is hoisted on my back.

And then...I realized...I haven't had my medication.

It started about 2 years ago. I noticed that my cozy cubicle in my Corporate America job had become like a cold jail cell at San Juan. That was the beginning of my misery. Micromanagement and being treated like a number had certainly taken its toll on me. Shortly after, the migraines and insomnia began. I wondered what was going on with me to make me feel so terrible all the time. I then got my answer. Anxiety is defined as "a state of apprehension and psychic tension occurring in some forms of mental disorder." ( I wasn't crazy, I was simply overcome with stress.

I tried natural herbs to help me sleep and teas to minimize the headaches. This did not help in anyway. It was time to seek professional help. What I learned is that I was suffering from high anxiety and at that point, the only way to get through it was with medicinal help. I was also advised that the stress was a major reason for my weight gain, despite serious efforts to lose weight.

I struggled each day to remember to take my prescription. I just couldn't come to grips that I needed drugs to make me sane. Each attack would always start small like a snowball and would end like an avalanche. In the end, I would be bedridden for an entire day. I had to make a change.

Consistency became my new favorite word. I knew that if i could just become consistent my troubles would end. This was a big mistake to believe. Consistency alone would not solve my problems. The only way to solve the anxiety was to remove the cause of the stress. That is why I made the decision to leave that cause of stress. 4 years of unhappiness was enough.

There are no easy decisions. Lights on or lights off? Microwave or stove top? Paper or plastic? At the end of the day someone is unhappy. I chose for that person not to be me. That is how I found peace within.

(Co-Written with excerpts by Ayunna Strickland)
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What really matters?

Is it bad that you think that you are interesting until one day you realize that you really are not. I grew up being told that its whats on the inside that matters. Just recently I am seeing that that is not so true. Society is so superficial today and what's visual always wins lately. Being nice and kind will definitely get you far but how much farther than a pretty face and a great body. There are many out there that are empty and seek attention to fill that void. If you knew how empty they were would you view them the same? Just a thought...

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dreaming Vs. Doing

My jeans never fit. That is probably why I never wear them. Being 4'11" is very tough especially when you are a size 22. Despite it all, I think that I may be one of the prettiest "big girls" out there. Me having confidence has never been an issue; just accomplishing my goals have always been the problem. I mean like the really important ones, such as going back to school, pursuing better spiritual interests, & growing my design line to the next level. My ultimate dream is to become a plus size model. Being blessed with a pretty face & a good grade of hair has benefited me greatly in my 25 years of living, but I have come the realization that it will take much more than that to make my dream a reality. I have tried so many ways to loose weight using so many methods. None of them were effective with lasting results. Recently I took up running & I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, I have a serious problem with consistency, but I am about to make it a point to get back on track & to the track. Consistency is a very important quality to have when accomplishing the goals that I am trying to fulfill. This blog may be what it takes to get me back on track. I plan to kick start this year with a new objective. Each day I will ask myself, "Are you dreaming or doing?"

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First Post

I am super pumped right now! This is officially my first post. I hope that you enjoy my blog. I aspire to become a plus size model. I will be sharing that journey with you as well as my progress to turn from a Hobbyist to a Entrepreneur. Stay tuned for my next entry entitled, "Dreaming Vs. Doing". Comments are welcome! Enjoy!