Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Am My Hair

You are sitting there with your eyes closed & you can feel the once was cool leather warm up beneath you. Its been a stressful past 2 weeks or even 2 months. You survived a breakup, someone else getting the promotion you worked so hard for, and gaining 13 pounds. You open your eyes and you see a masterpiece. Your trusted stylist/barber has made you feel brand new. That is what a hairstyle/haircut can do for you.

I have always felt like a haircut just removes all the stress that you have been holding onto. It might sound a little silly, but think about it. No, really think about it. You are removing the excess dead hair/weight and lightening your everyday load. I like to think of it like a snake sheds his skin. Interesting, huh?

Coco Chanel said, 
"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."
This can apply for men too. Whether its a career change or getting over heartbreak, a haircut always seems to put a person back to their "center". I did hair professionally for a short time and found that I liked doing my own hair more than others; but I did enjoy making people feel better. A change in hairstyle boosts self confidence, personal image, and physical attraction. Test it out readers. If you have a significant other, try a new style/cut and see if he or she does not notice. It may not be immediate, but they will recognize something is different. For my single readers, take notice of comments at work or when you are out and about. I promise you a 110% success rating (unless your stylist or barber is not so talented & I will not take responsibility for that). That was really for laughs but seriously I won't be the blame. 

It all boils down to hair being an essential part of your personality. It tells what you are going through and what you have been through. Take high stress for example. This can cause shedding, balding, breakage, etc. None of those are good for you. When you are happy and living life like its "Golden" as Jill Scott put it, your body releases good stuff that makes your hair and skin do magic. Go look up endorphins. They play a big part in that process. 

This is not science class though so I will end with this. I love to change my hair. It is what keeps me sane. Every stressful time in my life usually is solved by hair color or a cut. It may not take away all the stress but I always feel a great deal better than before. My next color is mermaid green. I can't wait! But while you are waiting on that picture, here are some of my past haircuts and styles. I couldn't find my mullet, but you better believe I was serving LIFE with it! Hope you enjoyed and let me know how you feel about your hair.

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